Eugene Alliende MS, LMFT


Eugene A. Alliende, MFT, is a California licensed Marriage Family Therapist in private practice at Global Healing Arts center in the foothills of Northern California. He provides traditional and Transpersonal Psychotherapy to children, adolescents, adults, elders, couples, families, and groups

Eugene’s passion is the exploration of Consciousness, and how a deeper understanding of our true nature can help heal the individual and the world. His basic belief is that at the core of the human personality there exists a universal/ transpersonal source of power, strength, and healing, and that with the right guidance, all can tap this unlimited potential, thereby helping the evolutionary process unfold into its next spiral of creation.
Eugene has been practicing meditation and Yoga for twenty years, and facilitates weekly meditation groups and classes at the center, and also in the community. Eugene has been studying Consciousness both formally and informally for over twenty years, and has worked to apply an integral philosophy in all aspects of his life.
He and his family strive to live a permacultural life by growing organic food and by engaging the larger community toward self-reliance.
*Ongoing Meditation groups/classes:

Mondays 5:15-6:45 pm

Call for Appointment: (209) 223- 9500

Lic. # MFC41429

To explore further with Eugene, check out his website:

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